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September 7, 2012
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September 7, 2012
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All In One

Ease, convenience
and comfort in one
self-contained armboard: The latexfree All-in-One®
I.V. Arm Support
System cuts costly minutes from
stabilizing an I.V. site and is easily
applied by one person. Once the I.V. is
in place, the All-in-One is ready to be
stabilized with a unique fastening
system that eliminates the need for
costly bandaging and taping. The padded
splint absorbs and wicks blood and
fluids lost during I.V. insertion, keeping
the patient dry for long lasting comfort.
The self-contained latex-free All-in-One
I.V. Support System comes in five
ready-to-use sizes: neonatal, infant,
pediatric, adult wrist and adult arm.
Never again will you waste valuable
nursing time “manufacturing” an
armboard at bedside.

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