So I am in the hospital and now I need an IV!

All-In-One_Arm_SupportThings you need to know if your hospitalization or procedure will require you to have IV placement.

IV therapy or intravenous therapy, is a very important aspect of medical care. This post will go over some of the important components of IV therapy and things patients should know.

Reasons for an IV:

Some of the reasons a patient may be prescribed an IV treatment may be: to replace lost fluids, to maintain normal electrolyte balance, to provide an access route for IV meds, to gain veinous access to administer blood products, and to gain and maintain veinous access in the event the patient encounters an emergency situation (if the patient develops an emergency).

IV Placement:

There are different locations that work well for IV placement. The most common location is the back of the hand. Other areas can include the lower arm and mid arm or antecubital space.

18690-500 Latex-Free All-in-One Stabilization SystemCaring for the IV site:

Although IV’s are quite commonplace it is still important to be watchful and vigilant when on an intravenous drip. IV site stabilization is important and a great product for that goal is the Avcor All-in-One Armboard Support System

Complications that may arise:

A major issue that occurs  frequently with IVs is infiltration. Infiltration is when the lumen (IV Tube) found in the IV slips out of the vein and begins to drip solution into the subcutaneous tissue. Patients will complain of pain, oftentimes severe. The area will become cool to the touch and swollen with edema.  The first early warning sign is the IV itself.  You will notice that the IV is dripping slower than usual, you should immediately suspect an  infiltration problem. You will need to confirm with your health care provider on checking your IV site out. We find the Avcor All-in-One Armboard Support System  brings supreme care optimization for patients, adding stability at the the IV site.  

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