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  • Latex-free stretch bond laminate support and strap fabrics provide ultimate protection
    for latex sensitive patients.
  • Totally self-contained system allows for easier, less time-consuming and more cost
    effective application.
  • The extruded support adds maximum hand, wrist and arm support for patient safety
    and comfort.
  • A multi-layer moisture barrier system keeps patients dry and prevents skin
    break down.
  • Unique fastening system eliminates re-taping and provides easy access for inspection
    of the site.
  • The All-in-One® provides an effective secure system of avoiding infiltration while
    maintaining the I.V. site.
  • Available in a full range of sizes which can be custom fit.
  • Unique design features highest quality materials and innovative manufacturing
    techniques that provide reduction in units used and overall cost savings

Avcor Health Care Products, Inc., a Texas Corporation, began operations in 1984. Avcor manufactures its products in Fort Worth, Texas and distributes through the leading institutional distributors, including Cardinal Healthcare, Owens & Minor, McKesson, PHS, and other regional dealers.Avcor is the premier developer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium compression dressings, thermal compression bandages, and I.V. Aids used in the institutional and consumer/retail healthcare markets.

Avcor started with one, core product line. The goal was to manufacture and market a patented elastic bandage that features a self-closure technology, eliminating metal clips or tapes that is required by competitor’s products. Avcor’s closure technology adheres anywhere along the wrap of the bandage to be properly secured to ensure desired compression and ease of application. Controlled compression is gained through the patented knit construction and elastomer design of Avcor’s Honeycomb X-TEN™ bandage. The bandage quickly soared to, and remains today, the #1 selling elastic bandage in the U.S.

Since that time, Avcor has developed a complementing line of products. Each product has been designed and developed primarily to provide the ultimate in convenience of use by hospital staff. Avcor’s commitment is, and has always been, to produce products of the highest quality that deliver total unit reduction and overall cost savings.

Ease, convenience and comfort in one self-contained armboard: The latexfree All-in-One® I.V. Arm Support System cuts costly minutes from stabilizing an I.V. site and is easily applied by one person. Once the I.V. is in place, the All-in-One is ready to be stabilized with a unique fastening system that eliminates the need for costly bandaging and taping. The padded splint absorbs and wicks blood and fluids lost during I.V. insertion, keeping the patient dry for long lasting comfort. The self-contained latex-free All-in-One I.V. Support System comes in five ready-to-use sizes: neonatal, infant, pediatric, adult wrist and adult arm. Never again will you waste valuable nursing time “manufacturing” anarmboard at bedside.

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