What makes the Avcor Health Honeycomb/X-Ten Elastic Bandages different from the competition?

Avcor Health Honeycomb/X-Ten Elastic Bandages

The Avcor Health Care Products’ Honeycomb/X-Ten Elastic Bandage offers so many advantages compared to other products in the field.

If Patient comfort is the most important feature, we find the Honeycomb product is less likely to bite into or irritate the skin. Unlike woven products, the Honeycomb X-Ten maintains steady compression alongs its entire length. It has a number of unique features including the scalloped knitted edges with fibers that loop back which help to eliminate roll in the bandage. The velcro closure is proprietary, softer to the skin and does catch on the material in a special way without causing wear and tear on the bandage like many other products. The experts at Avcor also added a guideline in the middle of the Honeycomb/X-Ten bandage to prevent over wrapping in one area, over compression and to indicate its latex-free nature.

To Summarize the Avcor Honeycomb/X-Ten Elastic Bandage Features.

As the inventor and patent holder of the Honeycomb/X-Ten elastic bandage, Avcor literally offers every possible size and configuration
• Patented self-closure, which eliminates sharp metal clips and hooks provides user
safety and ease of application. No clips to use or lose.
• Velcro™ front-end anchor helps to secure the first wrap.
• Patented Honeycomb®/X-Ten® knit matrix enhances breathability while delivering
controlled support and ideal compression.
• Uses 100% cotton yarns for durability and absorbency.
• Less abrasive as 80% of cotton fiber is applied against patient skin during
recommended applications.
• Superior elastomers provide 210% knit controlled stretch for exceptional compression
and durability.
• Scalloped knit edges eliminate roll and venous tourniquet effect.
• X-rays may be taken directly through the Honeycomb.
• Available in a variety of colors.
• Universally color-coded sizing.
• Available in environmentally-friendly sterile and non-sterile packaging.
• Patented design features highest quality materials and innovative manufacturing
techniques that provide reduction in units used and affect overall cost savings.
• Available in latex and latex-free.

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