The Four Wins Philosophy

The Four Wins Philosophy

To Succeed You Need to Provide Value and the Best Measure of Value can be Summed Up Simply with the The Four Wins Philosophy.

  • The Patient/Customer Wins
  • The Healthcare Provider Wins
  • Those Serving the Healthcare Provider Win
  • We Win

The Patient / Customer Wins

Satisfaction by the patient / customer is the ultimate goal. The device has to provide a value to them. That value might be in improved effectiveness or comfort. It might be a better price or ease of use. It might be consistency or dependability. It might be the inclusion of technology that meets needs patient / customer never envisioned. Our hope is that we can give them all of these.

The Healthcare Provider Wins

The Healthcare Provider wants a product to Work Well each and every time they use it. They are looking for products that accomplish an objective efficiently, easily and cost effectively. They too are looking for quality and value. We strive to give them technology that supports their critical role without getting in the way of that role. Our devices are developed with physicians, clinicians and therapists to solve problems, improve patient outcomes and to achieve patient satisfaction.

Those Who Serve the Healthcare Provider Win

There is an entire network of people supporting the healthcare providers. Their activities must be rewarded to encourage them to provide their very best efforts serving those providers. The best product has little value if it is not supported by the best people. We always proceed with an eye towards making these support personnel successful. Whether it is through providing them products they are proud and enthusiastic to deliver or by making their efforts profitable financially, we recognize the importance of this network and do our best to support them as they serve. The Four Wins Philosophy - Avcor Health

We Win

This is the Win that everyone expects. What most of them do not expect is how this win is defined. It is not as simple as making a profit. This win is achieved through service, delivery of value, and integrity. If we simply focused on the money, we would be out of business in a very short time. Our long term success (the Win) comes from a continuous never ending struggle to meet the needs of those we serve with quality products they can depend on delivered at a price they are happy to pay.

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