Ice Right makes R.I.C.E right!

11440-100 Latex-Free Thermal Compression Therapy SystemMake the first 48hrs of treatment count in the recovery of your soft tissue injury.

By using the RICE principle, (rest-ice-compress-elevation) , pain relievers can often be eliminated and healing time is shortened nearly 60%. The ultimate in cold therapy awaits by using Thermal Compression Therapy System, Ice Right. Immediately, patient and professional alike will appreciate the time saving convenience of a self-contained unit. Mutually beneficial to patient and staff, the only self-contained cold therapy system that performs the same function as expensive and time consuming equipment. No more hassling with ice packs and elastic bandages bedside.

Ice packs alone just won’t do the job , are never stable and lack compression. Ice packs used in conjunction with an elastic bandage achieves the ultimate in time-saving treatment, recovery time and affordability.Let condensation benefit thermal therapy while being contained in an innovative moisture release pouch. Ice/cold therapy never felt this good. We proudly distribute the Susan G. Komen Ice Right Latex-Free Thermal Compression Bandage.

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