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September 7, 2012
September 7, 2012
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ice right®

ice right®
is an
integrated bandage
and ice pack. the convenient elastic
bandage makes it easy to apply cold
therapy and compression.
ice/cold therapy
the combined effects of applying moist
cold with compression are clinically
proven to be effective in providing
deeper penetration of the injured area
and insuring effective control over the
placement of the ice pack. studies show
a compression wrap over an ice pack
causes a greater reduction in both surface
and internal temperatures during
application than an ice pack alone.
With this process, condensation forms
to the benefit of the thermal therapy.
the new ice right offers an innovative
condensation absorption pouch, which
allows for moisture release with
minimal or no patient contact.
effective thermal compression therapy
requires some form of condensation.
ice right provides the perfect solution
for maximum results.

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