The IDN Summit Features Avcor

The IDN Summit Features Avcor


All In One Latex-Free

I.V. Arm Support System

 Mack Bandage

For Oral Maxillary and Dental Procedures

Susan G. Komen Ice Right

Latex-Free Thermal Compression Bandage

all in one IV arm support system



Ice Right | Thermal compression Bandage

The Avcor All-in-One IV Stabilization System integrates an armboard, compressive straps, Velcro closures and absorbent materials to produce an easy to apply IV stabilization system that can be customized to the patient and revisited as needed for IV inspection. The All-in-One comes in six sizes from Preemie to Large Adult.

The MACK™ Bandage was designed by a Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon to provide the benefits of cold compression therapy to post oral surgery. The MACK is easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and is reusable. It comes with removable gel packs that can be replaced with fresh packs to keep the site cold.

The IceRight™ Thermal Compression System incorporates an ice bag for cold therapy with a compression strap with Velcro closures and pockets to provide an easy to apply and reusable cold compression system that will stay in place when used and provide the beneficial elements of ice, compression and compliance in one inexpensive package.


avcor-1Avcor Healthcare Products makes devices that improve patient outcomes, reduce pain and are easy-to-use for the healthcare staff. They accomplish this goal by face-to-face sales, marketing and research contact with clinicians who use their products. These experts are the front-line primary care-givers that serve the most vulnerable patients in our healthcare system. Avcor’s products make their job easier and bring relief to the patients to whom they serve.


Avcor Health Professionals Executive TeamFred Trainor and Marshall Walker founded Avcor in 1984 to provide high-quality, innovative medical products to the medical marketplace. Both have since retired from the company. The company has offices in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas and has over 30 sales, administrative, distribution and manufacturing staff. With the endorsement and encouragement of a majority of the Company’s stockholders and bankers, Richard Manley and Bruce Cheatham acquired controlling interest in the company in January 2012 immediately revitalizing the Company’s activities, generating growth in excess of 10%. Manley and Cheatham have a history of growing companies and this continues with Avcor. The company’s VP of Manufacturing and Global Sourcing, Scott Walker, has been with the company since its founding. Walker oversees a Texas-based manufacturing, research and developmental facility with 15 employees, several overseas OEM manufacturing facilities and travels the world in search of ways to reduce costs and improve production methods for Avcor, its business partners and customers. CFO Kara Walker is a CPA and has been with the company for 14 years. She oversees the administration, financial systems and banking relationships of Avcor. Sales responsibilities are handled by our Area Vice Presidents of Sales, Chris Hiltpold and Tom Harden,


EBan_Color-sliderAvcor Healthcare Products is a 30 year-old company with industry-standard products and innovative new technologies. Founded in 1984 as an OEM supplier to American Hospital Supply, Avcor has evolved into a manufacturer and distributor of products for Lab, NICU, Surgery, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery and General Hospital. Since the invention of the first Velcro™-closure elastic bandage, Avcor has developed new and innovative designs in latex-free tourniquets, IV armboard stabilization, thermal compression therapy and post-operative oral and maxillofacial surgery. In addition, the company has products in development to address the rapidly- growing plastic surgery and aesthetics markets. The company partners with large US distributors such as Owens & Minor, Cardinal Health, McKesson and Medline to market its products. Additionally, Avcor currently or has at some point in the past manufactured some of their private label branded products. Avcor also distributes through local, regional, diversity and specialty dealers such as Buffalo Hospital Supply, Mercury Medical, PHS and others to meet the needs of its customers.


Honeycomb_XTen_Pouch_BlueManley and Cheatham acquired their interest in Avcor with the intent to transform it into an international provider of both standard of care and innovative products. Since acquiring the company, they have instilled a culture of forward-focused action and teamwork. As leaders, they promote communication and self-directed initiative supported by a communicated corporate vision. This gives every member of the team decision-making ability and keeps the team lean and aggressive. In addition, the company instituted an incentive stock option program in 2012. Every member of the Avcor team is now a shareholder. The ownership believes in shared reward as well as shared responsibility. Values and virtue are critical to the leadership’s decision-making. The company prefers to hire based upon character and provide the training needed to be successful in a role. It is a practice that served them well at CVC and they intend to instill the same sense of pride and commitment to service at Avcor. Sales projections for 2014 indicate another year of more than 10% growth. New products and sharper growth with recently introduced products are the catalyst for these expectations.


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