All In One Latex-Free I.V. Arm Support System

More about the All In One Latex-Free I.V. Arm Support System

• Latex-free stretch bond laminate support and strap fabrics provide ultimate protection
for latex sensitive patients.
• Totally self-contained system allows for easier, less time-consuming and more cost
effective application.
• The extruded support adds maximum hand, wrist and arm support for patient safety
and comfort.
• A multi-layer moisture barrier system keeps patients dry and prevents skin
break down.
• Unique fastening system eliminates re-taping and provides easy access for inspection
of the site.
• The All-in-One® provides an effective secure system of avoiding infiltration while
maintaining the I.V. site.
• Available in a full range of sizes which can be custom fit.
• Unique design features highest quality materials and innovative manufacturing
techniques that provide reduction in units used and overall cost savings.


Cheatham2Bruce N, Cheatham, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Avcor is a manufacturer of qualify medical products and devices including elastics, cohesives, tourniquet straps, thermal compression systems, esmark bandages, IV stabilization systems, etc. The company has been in business since 1984.

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