How to apply the Latex-Free Mack Bandage Thermal Compression System for oral & face recovery

The 11440-MACK Mack Bandage Thermal Relief System by Avcor is the ideal tool for recovery after oral or maxillofacial surgery. Using the power of cryotherapy to reduce swelling, the Dental Ice Wrap includes two freezeable gel packs. Simply insert the frozen packs into the pocket of the Mack Bandage Wrap, place the cold pouch on the afflicted area, loop the Thermal Wrap around the head, and secure with the Velcro® closure. The Velcro® will stick anywhere on the bandage.

The Mack Bandage Cold Wrap can be placed anywhere on the mouth, jaws, or face. The Avcor Mack Bandage is perfect for repeated use during tootaches, jaw pain, TMJ, and after wisdom teeth or molar removal, orthognathic surgery, or plastic surgery operations. The materials of the Avcor Thermal Compression System are entirely latex-free while remaining flexible and breathable; when stretched, the Mack Bandage is 48 in long by 3.5 in wide.

There are 20 Mack Cold Bandages in each case. Each Ice Wrap includes two freezeable gel packs. The freeze packs can be used together or alternated for continuous pain relief. The 11440-MACK is made in the USA.

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