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Have you ever shopped directly from medical supply companies in Phoenix AZ or Houston TX? Avcor Health Care is the first of its kind to deliver high quality medical supplies to general public at the online store. We have started up our health care services with a patented Honeycomb which has become a hallmark of our great success in the medical field.

We are leading the market with medical supplies that are purposely built for the comfort and relief of patients in Houston TX. Some of our noteworthy medical supplies are compression coverings, compression dressings, and the I. V. Aids. We are proud to serve the hospitals, clinics and individuals in Phoenix AZ and Houston TX with our remarkable products, which made us the top medical supply company. The secret behind our success is that we have concentrated on improving the quality of our products instead of increasing the supplies. We were able to introduce bandages with self closure technology, which is more convenient in adjusting and operating by nurses and the patient itself.

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Being listed in the high-esteem medical supply companies in Phoenix AZ, we have made available all our patented products available at our online store. You may search the product you need in specific brand as well as the category. The online store facilitates you with medical supplies that you can get in the comfort of your home or shop in Houston TX. Whether you are a medical practitioner, a contractor, a medical store owner or an individual, you can get our products anywhere you order.

Get patented medical supplies at affordable prices

Avcor Health Care has consistently retained the highest quality of all the products it manufactures and supplies. You can get high quality medical supplies anywhere in Houston TX. The fact that we are the patent holders of all our products first insures the supply of genuine products, and secondly affordable rates. Ordering medical supplies directly, through our online store or calling us at the phone, skips the commissions of intermediaries, various transportation costs and other overheads that’s why we are able to offer you very economical rates in comparison to rest of the medical supply companies in Phoenix AZ. We believe in facilitating our stakeholders and lessening financial expenses they incur in medical supplies.

We are proud of our state of the art products as they are comfortable and economical as well. You get more information by contacting us either at 800.282.6748 or

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