Phlebotomy Organizer Aids in Patient Care

Doing a great job and remaining organized as a phlebotomist is critical to optimal patient care in the clinic, hospital and even home health care settings.

The initial impression that a patient receives is often the laboratory phlebotomy team that comes to perform the laboratory testing requested by the physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

Calmly speaking to the patient and requesting a moment to follow the doctors’ orders is the first step. Remember, often patients are scared, fatigued and in pain so your initial communication is critical. Think of first impressions and try to fill your patient’s shoes for just a moment. Jobs, deadlines, family, expectations are heavy on their minds because often their hospital stay was not a planned activity. So, not only did the admission offer a surprise, but everything that comes with the experience, including the interruption for obtaining blood for laboratory testing can make an impact on the patient’s emotional well being (id).

Phlebotomists that are experts in finding the best vein for the procedure play a part in providing the best patient experience. Seasoned laboratory personel understand the importance of organization and having the right supportive items to create optimal results.


Totemax Test Tube Holder

multi-tube racks

Multi-tube racks with a capacity of 60 or 90 test tubes, the ToteMax Test Tube Holder are the single most laboratory supply that keeps your test tubes secure and organized. Made of a thermoplastic acetal resin, the Tube Racks are durable. The ToteMax Racks accommodates 17mm or 13mm tubes for the AH1002 and AH1003 respectively. Packaged twelve per case, the ToteMax Tube Racks are available in a selection of varied colors for easy organization. ToteMax products are proudly made in the USA.

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KPP_5009Totemax Tray

Great for carrying the test tube holder plus all of the other supplies needed for a successful and professional phlebotomy procedure.The tray gives the phlebotomy professional great options for tray placement at bedside, to include hooks and a middle section that easily fits on the hosital bed rails.

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X-Tourn Tourniquet Strap

Patients love the experience of color and latex free tourniquets from Avcor Health can offer an unique experience.


Avcor created the X-Tourn® Latex-Free Tourniquet Strap with patient and staff safety in mind. The exclusive latex-free compound contains no latex rubber proteins, resins or fatty acids that produce hypersensitive reactions in patients and professional health care personnel. The X-Tourn can be used with confidence and handled safely, easily and tolerated by your latex sensitive patients and hospital staff each time a procedure requires the use of a disposable tourniquet. X-Tourn’s identifying blue appearance sets it apart from other tourniquets containing latex. For your convenience, Avcor tourniquets are available in different sizes and packaging configurations.

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