Lumipen – a sterile self-powered LED light source attachment to electrocautery scalpels to assist surgeons during minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The Lumipen is a self-powered LED attachment to electrocautery scalpels designed by a plastic surgeon to provide light in the small cavities created during minimally invasive surgical procedures.  By placing the light source near the tip of the scalpel, the device eliminates shadows and assists the surgeon in seeing the results of his procedure.  In initial trials of the device, it has been shown to significantly reduce readmissions and surgical corrections due to hemorrhage by assisting the surgeon in identifying and cauterizing bleeders during the initial procedure.

The Lumipen is a single patient use device.  It will maintain maximum brightness for two hours but has an on/off switch that allows the surgeon to extend its life while not in use.  It will retain up to 75% of its brightness for an additional two hours.  The device snaps conveniently onto most electrocautery scalpels with standard blades and doesn’t alter the basic look and feel of the scalpel.  A second version of the Lumipen is currently in development for the extra-long blades.  It comes in an easy open medical grade sterile pack.

Price: $24.95

Sold in boxes of 12.

Part #: LPMGDYN01


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September 28, 2015

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