Servant Leadership | Humility, Vision, Coaching and Relationships

From the desk of Richard Manley, Chairman of the Board

I recently read “Lead Like Jesus”, by Ken Blanchard of “The One Minute Manager” fame. What a terrific book. Regardless of your spiritual/religious outlook, this book is a primer for honest, ethical leadership of any kind. The fact that he often cites examples of Jesus’ leadership skills is just gravy for a Believer. Like any good tome on leadership, he organizes his concepts into sub-topics. The sections flow in a linear fashion and are easy to understand. They are: Heart, Head, Hands, Habits-which are symbolic (respectively) of: humility, vision, coaching, relationships. Most importantly, it all starts with focus on “servant leadership”. Put aside the religious context, I have always believed that “flipping the org chart” with the CEO on the bottom is a terrific visual on servant leadership. Of course, everyone knows that he/she is the CEO. The fact that he/she asks questions like, “What do you need to achieve your goals”, “How can I help you”, etc.. are powerful leadership communication tools. There is SO much more in this book and it is easy to read too. For any leader, “Lead Like Jesus” is an empowering read. For a Christian leader, it is a must-read. Enjoy!


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