Tack Wrap Announcement

On December 1, 2012, Avcor Health Care Products, Inc. entered into a licensing agreement with Green Parrott LLC, the owner and creator of Tack Wrap, to manufacture and market the Tack Wrap line of equine products. In cooperation with a top professional thoroughbred racing trainer, performance riders, veterinarians and manufacturing specialists at Avcor, the executive team at Tack Wrap has created the finest equine cohesive compression wrap in the market. Tack Wrap is durable, resists casting and tears evenly to get clean, consistent applications and protection. Avcor has been manufacturing and selling cohesive compression bandages for the US healthcare system for over two decades and produces in its E-Ban products some of the finest cohesive compression bandages in the market today. The combination of Tack Wrap’s exceptional products with Avcor’s manufacturing and marketing expertise will benefit both companies and the customers they serve.

The immediate benefits:

  • The number of sizes and colors to be offered in the Tack Wrap line of products will be expanded.
  • Tack Wrap products will soon be available for additional small and large animal applications.
  • Tack Wrap will be easy to order on the Avcor Online Ecommerce Website. (www.avcorhealth.com)


Tack Wrap products are currently offered in black, white, hunter green, red, yellow, orange and royal blue. We would like your recommendations on future colors. A number of the ladies have requested pink. The folks at Texas A&M would like to see maroon. The LSU veterinary school would like to see purple and gold. Call or email us and give us a color you would like to see in the Tack Wrap equine wrap.

To recommend a color:

To order Tack Wrap:

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