Testimonial from a patient with a foot fracture

E-Ban-4COL Latex-Free Cohesive Compression BandageChris,

I want to take the time to send you a personal thank you and let you know how Avcorproducts “out perform” all the rest. We visited at the beach in July and I wanted to know more about the products you sold. You shared a couple of samples with me and before I knew it I had a need for them. At first I used the tape on my foot when I cut it walking on the beach. I wrapped the tape on it and it stayed in place on my foot. I was able to continue to walk on the beach and not worry about replacing bandages every time it got wet. It really was an easy way to take care of a wound.

23599-02LF Latex Free Economy Elastic BandageAbout two weeks ago, I hurt my foot. At the time I did not know I had broke a bone. All I knew is that I had some tape from Avcor, that would actually hold my toe in place, and even though it still hurt, it felt secure enough to continue by normal activities. I was even able to wear my tennis shoe, while I walked. The tape was not thick, and really secured my foot, and best of all stayed in the same place. I only had enough for three days so I went went to the local pharmacy to purchase something similar to wrap my foot. Much to my disappointment, there is nothing that compares to the tape that you had given me from Avcor. The white sports tape did not secure my foot, it kept slipping in place, and was very difficult to use. I had to have scissors to cut it, which is not like Avcor, so easy to tear and apply.

23599-32LF Latex Free Economy Elastic BandageWithout the use of the Avcor tape, my foot continue to hurt and was painful enough that I had to visit the podiatrist. Yes, it was broken and the doctor office used some of their tape, wrapped it, and told me to wear a shoe to keep the bone in place for the next 4 weeks. But much to the doctor’s surprise, it had started to heal and no other damage had been done. It had to be the Avcor Tape that secured my bone. Before I got home the tape that was used in the doctor office had slipped off. I was so frustrated with the situation, I sent you a text and told you, I needed your products. Much to my surprise, a box of Avcor products showed up at my front porch the next day – talk about GREAT customer service, you exceeded all my expectations! Not only did you provide me with tape, I received an ice pack that is the best ice pack I have ever used. I was able to wrap my foot with the ice pack, and it stayed in place and no dripping water.

KPP_4845-EditTruthfully, with the hot weather in Houston, the shoe and sock is much to hot, I find it much easier and much more secure to wrap my foot with the tape. I am not a doctor by any means, but this is working for me. Thank you so much for being the awesome person you are. I can not thank you enough for how you have helped me. When I visit the doctor for my follow up appointment in two weeks, I am taking my Avcor samples and letting them know that this is a quality product and should be used in every Doctoroffice! Thank you, Chris Hiltpold – you rock! I am going to send you a few pictures, please feel free to use them in anyway to help other people.

Donna G.

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