September 7, 2012
The Avcor X-Econ®
September 7, 2012
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Thermal Compression Therapy System

  •  The Ice Right® Thermal Compression Therapy System is the only self-contained cold therapy system that performs the same function as expensive and time consuming equipment.
  •  Ice packs alone are never fully stabilized and lack compression.
  • Ice packs used in conjunction with an elastic bandage become a costly two-product,time-consuming act of manufacturing product at bedside.
  •  Only Ice Right insures the utmost in cold therapy with the time saving convenience of a self-contained unit.
  •  Only Ice Right can be employed in seconds to achieve the ultimate in cold therapy results.

Apply as soon as possible after an injury or surgery. r.i.c.e.s. (rest, ice compression, elevation & stabilization) has been proven to reduce recovery time by up to 60%.

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