Tourniquet Straps to the Rescue

X-TournTourniquets are a way to insure positive outcomes whether in gathering or stopping blood. Take pressure, pain or irritation away with these Latex-Free Tourniquet Straps . Our innovative materials were made with patient and staff in mind. Contains no latex rubber proteins, veins or fatty acids which will provide the ultimate in patient safety and protection. Polyisoprene materials make uniform thickness, so thin spots which could shred or break are a problem of the past. The X-Tourn’s identifying blue appearance sets it apart from others containing latex. Our X-Tourn does not curl or rope, so application is simple and comfortable. Made of talc-free synthetic material, the X-Tourn ties easily and removes quickly without excess clean up.

New to the line is our Orange Alert product, designed to ensure that the tourniquet is not left on the patient. Let our uniquely innovative manufacturing techniques provide reduction in units while saving overall cost.

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