Avcor Health Care Products, Inc. is excited to announce that it has entered into an Amerinet Committed Program Agreement with Amerinet, Inc.  The agreement, which became effective May 1, 2015, will allow Avcor to supply its quality medical products to Amerinet members in compliance with a comprehensive Amerinet system that will benefit all of its member entities.  Amerinet members include approximately 3,500 hospitals, 33,000 clinics and 10,000 long-term care facilities.  In addition they also serve a large number of outpatient, physician and other healthcare facilities.

This agreement provides Avcor with the opportunity to be of benefit to each of these members.  As a provider of quality health care products that are needed throughout the healthcare industry, Avcor can provide the entire member base of Amerinet with products, support and services at a significant savings.

Avcor provides a full offering of:

  • Elastic Compression Bandages including the patented Honeycomb bandage
  • Cohesive Compression Bandages
  • Cold Compression Systems including the Ice Right™ and Mack™ Bandage systems
  • Latex-Free Tourniquet Straps in a variety of colors, qualities and sizes
  • X-Mark esmark bandages for exsanguination
  • All-in-One IV Stabilization Systems, these customizable systems are offered in six sizes
  • Lumipen surgical illumination for minimally invasive surgeries

Amerinet is one of the largest healthcare solutions companies in the US.  We are proud to be associated with them.  Their goals of improving healthcare are consistent with our own.  We are all striving to improve our healthcare system by providing quality products and improving patient outcomes.  If we can do this and provide savings too, all the better.


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