Why is it crucial to have an All-in-One I.V. Arm Support?

Having a stabilized, comfortable I.V. Station, one that’s quick and stress-free , takes the tension away for the patient, making professional care simple and effective.

Once the I.V. Site is in place, the All-in-One stabilizes through a unique fastening system that eliminates costly bandaging and taping. The padded splint absorbs and wicks away blood and fluids lost during I.V. Insertion, keeping the patient dry for long lasting comfort.There’s 5 support sizes in neonatal, infant, pediatric, adult wrist and adult arm. Never agin will you waste valuable nursing time ‘manufacturing” an arm board bedside. The All-in-One provides an effective secure system of avoiding infiltration while maintaining the I.V. Site. Unique fastening system eliminates re-taping and provides easy access for inspection of the site.

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