“I wear my SOLO Shrinkers every single night when its cold, they keep me toasty and the compression lasts 2 1/2 to 3 months. [Previous other brand] lasted just 3 days"



 “…After the amputation of my hand, it was EXTREMELY CUMBERSOME  
 to apply my own dressing. The SOLO BANDAGE is very intuitive and can
 easily be applied with one hand….the SOLO is very comfortable and
 applied the same pressure over my entire arm.



“…Early promotion of independence in self care has been shown to augment physiological as well as psychological healing. The SOLO BANDAGE for amputation care provides a New amputee with the Freedom to maintain independence…the ease of application facilitates independence which is a key pillar of health..I have had the opportunity to practice applying the SOLO BANDAGE and see its tremendous benefit.


Zachary Robert Dean, Columbus Ohio

I partially tore my MCL. I am using it (IceRight™) multiple times a day to reduce swelling! What an awesome product though. Ice and compression all in one!!


Dr. Mark Gregory

I give Mack bandages to any patient who might experience swelling after their oral surgery procedure.  They really seem to appreciate it and that we have thought of what their aftercare home regimen should consist of.


Beth Sullivan, RN

Your All-in-One product is a real time saver. We recently brought several of your arm support products into my hospital and used them on patients. They were effective, easy to use, and quick. It saved us having to make trips to the supply closet to get everything we usually use when we build an armboard restraint.


Lynette William

..talk about GREAT customer service, you exceeded all my expectations. I received an ice pack that is the best ice pack I have ever used.


Donna L. Groce

I want to take the time to send you a personal thank you and let you know how Avcor products "out perform" all the rest.



Thank you for giving me a sample of the Ice Right Bandage on May 15th while I was in the waiting area as my husband was having knee replacement surgery at Baylor in Arlington.  The Avcor bandage is much more comfortable to sleep in and more"portable" if we are traveling, running errands, eating out, etc. It is much easier to use and less cumbersome than the knee bandage that Baylor gave him on his release.


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