A partnership for the future

Patients and healthcare providers are focused on finding the best possible products and solutions for care. For nurses, physicians, and medical professionals, the right healthcare products can make the difference between a positive outcome, or one that’s less than favorable. At Avcor, we’re focused on delivering products that heal efficiently, and comfortably. MedAssets provides a value-oriented pathway for us to deliver those products. One of our most popular products, is the IceRight™bandage.

Any type of muscle, joint, or bone injury needs some level of compression or cold therapy. Ice Right™ is a simple self-contained product, which fuses both compression and cold therapy together. (This means you don’t need to hold a melting ice bag up to your skin!) Ice Right™ is revolutionary. It comes in a zip-lock baggie which doubles as the system’sice container. The wrap has a pocket on one end attached to a 6-inch wide, 36-inch (97- inch stretched) long, latex-free compression bandage. The wrap itself can be washed after each use, dried, and stored in the plastic baggie. Ice Right™ is great for wrapping limbs, and in hard to reach areas such as around the shoulders.

When I teach healthcare professionals about Avcor products, either in a classroom seminar or a physician’s office or a hospital setting, it’s exciting to see their reactions. As I demonstrate the product application, they can immediately experience the ease of use.

Ice Right™ is just one of the unique products we sell. tennis elbow. My mother uses Ice Right™ on her ankle. Getting through the day without cold compression is downright painful, but Ice Right™ makes it easier step-by- step. Open the package, put the ice in the baggie, slip the baggie into the compression wrap pocket, place on the area, wrap it, and forget it. Relax! Recover! One of the positive comments I hear about Ice Right™ is it’s a simple self-sufficient idea. It’s trouble-free and requires less effort for the patient and the nurse or provider.

Avcor has also partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to make Ice Right™ a pink’ product. 10% of the sales proceeds from our “pink” Ice Right™ benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We have guaranteed a $25,000.00 minimum donation towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Make Ice Right™ your choice to heal and help a great cause.

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