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September 26, 2013

All in One IV Arm Support System

Ease, convenience and comfort in one self-contained armboard: The latex free All-in-One® I.V. Arm Support System cuts costly minutes from stabilizing an I.V. site and is […]
September 26, 2013

Latex-Free Esmark Bandage

X-Mark® is an exclusive latex-free esmark style bandage used to deliver maximum and consistent pressure to the extremities for exsanguination prior to surgery. Talc-free, its silicone […]
September 26, 2013

How to apply the Latex-Free Mack Bandage Thermal Compression System for oral & face recovery

The 11440-MACK Mack Bandage Thermal Relief System by Avcor is the ideal tool for recovery after oral or maxillofacial surgery. Using the power of cryotherapy to […]
September 25, 2013

Ice bags for injuries Houston TX

The Avcor Health Care is renowned for introducing the most influential and effective medical supplies to the regional as well as national market. The availability of […]