Sterile Elastic bandage w/ DBL Velcroâ closure. 6" x 210" (stretched)If you’ve ever had a sports injury, or surgery, and needed a bandage, you know how important it is to have the right fit and the right feel. Avcor’s products are developed with the patient in mind. Our company was the first to invent and patent Honeycomb/X-Ten Elastic Bandages in all designs and colors, shapes and sizes. These bandages provide the durability but also softer, less irritating fabric it takes to recover. Most bandages tear easily or unravel on site; even worse, they might clip or chafe the skin. Honeycomb bandages include a Velcro closure, giving you security and that extra closeness without discomfort. Another unique feature of Honeycomb includes a guide to avoid wrapping over and over one area of the body, which allows the user to correctly apply the bandage without too much or too little firmness. All injuries are different but can be treated with the right amount of compression and care.

When you’re held back in life because of an injury, what is your main goal? Odds are, you want to heal. Healing takes time, and there’s no use wasting time on using bandages without the right features to faster, more finely tuned healing. HoneyComb/X-Ten Elastic Bandage has those features to smooth your recovery: no metal clips, no abrasive fabric, no latex, and no tourniquet effect to start. The knit matrix of Honeycomb allows your injury to breathe, without loss of security. In manufacturing, Avcor’s bandages are designed to control cost savings but still ensure the right length and width of material to cover an injury. A product like Honeycomb that heals, saves time and money, and gives a closure to an injury with high or low maintenance is a product that changes a life.

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