How Sizing Works with SOLO

How Sizing Works with SOLO

When it comes to recovery from amputation, having the right support and compression can make a big difference in your comfort and healing process. AVCOR SOLO Tube and SOLO Bandage are two popular products that can provide the support and compression you need. To ensure you get the best fit and most effective use of these products, it's important to use the correct sizing.

You can use our sizing charts for guidance one how to select the right size for your maintenance and recovery needs.


Below Knee

Circumference: 10.25 inches (25.625cm)

Inseam: 15< inches. 

*Bandage size C-Standard will apply approximately 24mmHg

Elbow Disarticulation

Circumference: 10.25 inches (25.625cm)

Inseam 15> inches. 

*Bandage size C-Short will apply approximately 24mmHg

Forearm / Wrist Amputation

Circumference: 12.50 inches (31.25cm)

Inseam: 15< inches. 

*Bandage size D-Standard will apply approximately 22mmHg

Transfemoral Amputation / Knee Disarticulation

Circumference 25.6 inches (64cm)

Inseam: 15< inches. 

*Bandage size G-Standard will apply approximately 26mmHg

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