All-In-One® I.V. Arm Board

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Size: 3" x 1" Individually Wrapped

Introducing Avcor's All-In-One I.V. Arm Board–the ultimate solution for a safe and secure I.V. site!

Our arm support system is designed to provide maximum stability and comfort for patients during IV therapy. As an I.V. start kit, our All-In-One’s customizable elastic straps, self-fastening closures and absorbent covering ensure a secure fit while protecting the arm site.

Whether you need pediatric, neonatal, infant, or adult size options, we have you covered! Our All-In-One I.V. Arm Board comes in a non-sterile packaging and is suitable for various medical settings.

Key Features:

  • Customizable elastic straps and self-fastening closures for a secure fit
  • Absorbent covering to protect the arm site
  • Suitable for pediatric, neonatal, infant, and adult patients

Choose Avcor's All-In-One I.V. Arm Board for unparalleled IV arm board stabilization and improved patient comfort.

Order now and experience the difference!


Catalog #

  • 18690-100    3" x 1" Individually Wrapped, 100 Per Box 2 Boxes/Case 
  • 18690-200    3" x 2" Individually Wrapped, 75 Per Box 2 Boxes/Case  
  • 18690-300    5" x 2" Individually Wrapped, 50 Per Box 2 Boxes/Case 
  • 18690-400    9" x 3" Individually Wrapped, 25 Per Box, 2 Boxes/Case 
  • 18690-500   16" x 3" Individually wrapped, 25 per box. 

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