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All-In-One Cost Justification

When compared with the standard solutions typically available in clinical settings, our All-in-One I.V. Arm Board wins out as the cost-effective solution.

Bard Statlock Trial

Mercy Medical Center conducted a clinical trial of the Bard Statlock Select Pediatric Stabilization Device with an excellent reduction in IV restarts.

X-TEN Honeycomb Test

The Naval Medical Research Unit in San Antonio tested our Honeycomb Compression Bandage technology, finding significant reduction in distal blood flow.

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Avcor Health Care provides high quality medical aids to increase patient outcomes, reduce pain and provide easy solutions for medical professionals. For inquiries or large purchases at hospital pricing contact us through our form or at (800) 282-6748.

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How Sizing Works with SOLO

How Sizing Works with SOLO

When it comes to recovery from amputation, having the right support and compression can make a big difference in your comfort and healing process. AVCOR SOLO Tube and SOLO Bandage are two popu...

AVCOR Customer Testimonials

AVCOR Customer Testimonials

We take pride in the products we provide to our clients, so we're excited to hear from our Customers about how much our products mean to them. Todd A. Toronto, CA “I wear my SOLO Shrinkers every ...

AVCOR Products: Designed by Experience

Designed by Experience: A Look at Avcor's Product Line

At Avcor, our extensive product line not only improves patient outcomes, but also makes the job of healthcare professionals easier. 


Comprehensive logistics services for small manufacturers.


Large-volume shipping and bulk shipping services for distributors and hospitals.


Producing excellent medical products, focused on quality, sustainability and ease of use.


Focused on patient outcomes and healthcare workers' success.