About Us

About Us

Avcor is a premier developer, manufacturer and marketer of premium medical products and disposables.  Our products include latex-free elastic, cohesive and cold compression bandages,  I.V. Arm Support, tourniquet straps, exsanguination bandages, surgical lighting devices and a variety of plastic surgery related products.  The majority of these products are manufactured under our own patents and trademarks.

Garware Fulflex USA Inc, has been in manufacturing medical products since 1984.  Our products are manufactured in a number of facilities with the main manufacturing and distribution facility being in Grand Prairie, Texas.  The company markets its products under the Avcor brand name and under a variety of private labels.  Our products are distributed by leading institutional distributors including Cardinal Healthcare, Owens and Minor, McKession, Medline and through quality regional, specialty and diversity distributors.  Our products are also marketed through group purchasing organizations, independent distribution networks and internationally.

Avcor started with one, core product line. The goal was to manufacture and market a patented elastic bandage that features a self-closure technology, eliminating metal clips or tapes that are required by competitor’s products. Avcor’s closure technology adheres anywhere along the wrap of the bandage to be properly secured to ensure desired compression and ease of application. Controlled compression is gained through the patented knit construction and elastomer design of Avcor’s Honeycomb X-TEN™ bandage. The bandage quickly soared to, and remains today, the #1 selling Honeycomb elastic bandage in the U.S.

Since that time, Avcor has continued to develop and manufacture a complementary line of products.  We have expanded beyond our initial emphasis in compression medical products to include I.V. aids, surgical disposables and devices and post procedure support.   Each product has been designed and developed primarily to provide the ultimate in utility to the patient and convenience of use by hospital staff. Avcor’s commitment is, and has always been, to produce medical products of the highest quality that deliver maximum utility, ease of use, patient comfort and overall cost savings.

Avcor is a solutions company.


Comprehensive logistics services for small manufacturers.


Large-volume shipping and bulk shipping services for distributors and hospitals.


Producing excellent medical products, focused on quality, sustainability and ease of use.


Focused on patient outcomes and healthcare workers' success.