Ice Right® Cold Therapy

Sale price$9.99

Unit: Individual

Ice Right® Cold Therapy - the ultimate solution for effective cold therapy and compression in one self-contained unit. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming equipment and hello to the convenience of Ice Right®.

This latex-free thermal compression therapy system provides the utmost in cold therapy with the added benefit of compression. Unlike traditional ice packs that lack stability and compression, Ice Right® is designed to stabilize and compress the affected area, delivering targeted relief and reducing swelling quickly.

Key benefits of Ice Right® Cold Therapy:

  • Combines the benefits of cold therapy and compression in one self-contained unit.
  • Provides stable and consistent cold therapy for effective pain relief and swelling reduction.
  • Can be employed in seconds, saving time and effort compared to traditional ice packs and bandages.

Ice Right® Cold Therapy is the perfect solution for athletes, post-surgery recovery, and anyone who needs targeted cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain. Choose Ice Right® for the ultimate in cold compression therapy.

Size: Large 7″ x 97″ (stretched)

Catalog Number:  11440-100

Unit:  Individual and 40/case.

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