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Distibution Services 

We can provide large volume shipping support and bulk shipping to distributors of all sizes and to large hospital systems with the facilities to receive product in larger quantities. This significantly reduces the costs of freight on these transactions. For more information you can contact us at 800.282.6748, via email at custservice@avcorhealth.com or online at www.avcorhealth.com 

Logistics Services 

If you are a small manufacturer just entering the market, let us handle the operations function for you. Why spend precious resources to hire, fire, train personnel; why rent/purchase real estate; why go the trouble when Avcor’s well-trained operations staff can answer your calls with your company’s name; receive/stock/ship your orders; invoice your customers on your letterhead and even collect the accounts receivable and have the funds deposited into your lockbox-all for pennies on the dollar! Avcor Logistics could be the answer you are looking for! 


Comprehensive logistics services for small manufacturers.


Large-volume shipping and bulk shipping services for distributors and hospitals.


Producing excellent medical products, focused on quality, sustainability and ease of use.


Focused on patient outcomes and healthcare workers' success.