X-TOURN I.V. Tourniquet

Color: Orange Alert
Type: ORANGE - 1" x 18" LF Tourniquet Strap

X-TOURN is made from our best polyisoprene formulation, this tourniquet exhibits the highest quality performance in the market. It is engineered to attain effective venous engorgement with a minimum of patient discomfort.


Sizes: 3/4" x 18" and 1″ x 18″ Latex-Free Tourniquet Strap

Units: Rolled and banded, 250 per pack 4 packs/case; 1000 pc bulk; perforated rolls.

1" x 18" White TPE:  This economy tourniquet uses Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) to provide compression. It has been engineered to meet our exacting quality standards and is one of the best TPE tourniquets in the market.

Product Literature

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