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Designed by Experience: A Look at Avcor's Product Line

AVCOR Products: Designed by Experience

At Avcor, we are dedicated to providing medical products that not only improve patient outcomes, but also make the job of healthcare professionals easier. Our extensive product line includes a variety of innovative products that meet these goals, including:

  • Latex-free elastic, cohesive, and cold compression bandages: Our bandages are designed to provide proper compression and support for a variety of injuries and conditions, while also being latex-free to accommodate individuals with allergies or sensitivities.

  • I.V. Arm Support: Our All-in-One I.V. Arm Support helps to reduce patient pain and discomfort while also providing a secure and stable base for I.V. lines. The All-in-One is designed by experienced experts who know the needs of providers and patients.

  • Tourniquet straps: Our X-Tourn straps are designed to be easy to use and provide reliable and consistent compression.

  • Exsanguination bandages: Our exsanguination bandages help to reduce bleeding and improve patient outcomes in a variety of surgical procedures.

  • Surgical lighting devices: Our surgical lighting devices provide bright and consistent illumination to improve visibility during procedures.

  • Plastic surgery-related products: We offer a range of products specifically designed for use in plastic surgery procedures, including post-procedure support products to aid in recovery.

  • Amputation Recovery: Our line of SOLO products are the most depended-on post-amputation recovery and maintenance in the industry. Expertly designed for comfort and ease of use, patients and care providers across the world rely on SOLO.

At Avcor, we are committed to producing medical products of the highest quality that deliver maximum utility, ease of use, patient comfort, and overall cost savings. We are proud to offer a product line that meets these goals and helps to improve patient outcomes and convenience for healthcare professionals. If you are in need of medical products, we encourage you to give Avcor a try. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and performance of our products.

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