X-MARK® Esmarch Tourniquet

Sale price$90.72

Type: Non-Sterile Case of 72
Size: Non-Sterile Latex-Free Esmark Bandage 3 x 3 yards

The X-MARK® Latex-Free Esmarch Tourniquet from Avcor is the ideal solution for exsanguination prior to surgery. This innovative and unique latex-free polyisoprene compound bandage delivers maximum and consistent pressure to the extremities, ensuring patient comfort and protection.

The X-MARK® Esmarch Tourniquet comes in sterile packaging and is designed to simplify application techniques, thanks to its specially formulated elastomeric compound which requires no talc, eliminating airborne particles.

Key features of the X-MARK®:

  • Latex-free: X-MARK® contains no rubber proteins, resins or fatty acids, making it an excellent choice for latex-sensitive patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Unique synthetic material: The X-MARK® eliminates curling and roll up, ensuring consistent 400% elongation for ideal compression and application.
  • Supple and smooth: X-MARK® is less abrasive than latex, providing maximum patient comfort and protection.

With X-MARK® Esmarch Tourniquet, you can be assured of the highest quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques that provide reduction in units used and overall cost savings. It's a talc-free, silicone-based product that affords optimum use in the O.R. environment. The disposable bandages are individually wrapped and rolled tightly with clean cut edges for single patient use.

Order your sterile and latex-free X-MARK® Esmarch Tourniquet today and experience the benefits of a superior exsanguination device.

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